I lost my bag in Marrakesh!

For a whole long week I was waiting for it to reappear..

Day 2 of my missing luggage situation, I ventured out in search of toiletries, which was no mean task for any self-pampering cosmetic-junkie! What was being sold everywhere was argan oils, and armed with the little local product knowledge I desperately acquired, I made my selection and picked up a precious little bottle. Slowly losing hope of getting the airline to find my bag, more importantly my well-organised bag of toiletries, I was faced with making do with my solitary bottle of argan oil for the entire week! From my hair to my feet, my oil was to replace everything I had to go without.

The verdict?

To my amazement and huge relief,
my hair and skin were looking fresh and healthy thank you (inside voice speaking!)

Inspired by my Moroccan experience and armed with new convictions of shelving all chemically laden products, I became a believer and set off on a quest to discover the best natural products and oils around the world. What could be better than mother nature’s gifts of natural, holistic and generations old beauty rituals to cherish your skin with.

Fast forward to more recent times,
here is where I put my beloved oil to its biggest test so far.

To make this adventure sound awfully exciting..
discarding all my usual paraphernalia of oils and lotions, and packing only my special bottle of argan oil, I embarked on a three months journey to two continents, carefully selecting destinations where I would experience a whole range of extreme climate conditions.

First stop, an altiplano adventure to the highlands of Bolivia. Being at an elevation of roughly 3700 meters and reaching its highest at 5000 meters, the nights fell to freezing temperatures and the day was cool with the scorching sun above us. At its best the weather was arid, the salt lake was well…salty!

A not so short hop from Bolivia took me to the islands of Cartagena off the coast of Colombia. So here was a blissful few weeks of beach heaven, with temperatures of 30 Celsius and healthy doses of vitamin D. And my faithful oil once again came to my rescue.

Digging out my winter outfit from the bottom of my backpack, I flew back to Europe to the snowy mountain resort of Les Gets, France. As much as I loved the sight and sound of a snowstorm beating down the roof of my balcony, I spent days in sub zero temperatures in the dry unforgiving mountain weather.

Turning the heat back up, after my next stop taking in the mediterranean sun off the coast of Spain, I returned to a more humid climate in Asia, content in the knowledge that my argan oil had served me well and exceeded all expectations. It saw me through the most extreme climate changes, and yet my hair felt great and my skin felt perfectly moisturised.

As for stretch marks and cellulites…what are they again?:-)

As is often said, self care is the best care. Let’s treasure our bodies with love, care and the best nourishment, so we feel beautiful from within and glow from without. You are the skin you’re in.